Friday, November 2, 2007

Bukit Merah Lake Town

1st day of Hari Raya-2 anak dara perasan

This is my two younger sisters.The photo taken during our journey to another 'kampung' which is belong to my grandmother.Normally early morning of Hari Raya after taking breakfast all of us go to 'kampung' to meet my auntie (my sister's father) there.

Tok Wan and Fatnin

This is my father with my second daughter Fatnin.My father like to play with his grandchilds especially my kids since our house is the furthest among brother/sister.We only come back 3 times a year or if there's special occasion we will try to come back.Most of the time my brother will come to my house especially during school holiday and bring his kids 'jalan-jalan'.

Hari Raya Eve

On Hari Raya eve outside my parent's house dhia was playing firecrackers with her cousins.She looks very enjoy until dont have a time to check on where her father is going like what she always did when in our house.Everywhere sure with father.She always scold father ask him to do this do that but yet 'sayang' father the most.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Shopping for Hari Raya

A day before 'balik kampung' I and my sister went to PKNS Shah Alam to do last minute shopping since i still haven't buy a baju kurung for my daughter and baju melayu for my husband.These photo was taken during our breaking fast at Nando's restaurant.

Balik Kampung For Hari Raya

On Friday morning (about 3.00am ) we start our journey to my home town in Bagan Serai, Perak.I was so excited to pack all the luggage coz its about four months i didn't had a chance to visit my parents.After 2 hours drive we reached Tapah Rest Area and my hubby want to take a snap since he quite sleepy that time.Slept at Tapah for about 2 hours then we continue our journey to Bagan Serai.At about 9.30am we reached our home town.Photo was taken during our journey back to home town.